Born in Rome, class 1984, Matteo is an accomplished photographer, working and living between the vibrant cities of Rome and Milan.

In 2015, he joined the ranks of Edizioni 2.0, a video and photo production agency nestled in the heart of Milan, where he worked as a food and architecture photographer, videographer, and specialising in post-production.

In 2018, he attended a CGI Master at the big Rock Institute of Magic Technologies, focusing on rendering and lightning.
His passion for light, which he regards as a key element infusing brands with distinct characters, remains a defining trait of his artistic journey.

Since 2013 he has been working as a freelance photographer and videographer. His portfolio boasts an array of renowned clients, including Vorwerk Thermomix®, Esselunga, Zôdio, Barilla, and many more.

His dedication to helping brands develop their unique visual identities, all while capturing each client’s specific vision, has led to enduring partnerships with a multitude of brands.